Automotive Products

Four PeaksGPMI has developed a full line of Four Peaks® Automotive Products to keep your car clean and protected. A variety of products ensures no surface or material is left out. The innovative soft packs keep wipes moist longer, and easily store in the glove compartment, side door panel or center console.

The automotive products can be found in canisters and in soft packaging.
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Soft Pack Features:
• Easily Stores in Glove Compartment, Side Door Panel or Center Console
• Air Tight Seal Prevents Evaporation
• 7" x 9" Sheet Size
• 27 Wipes per Soft Pack (Glass and Leather 20 Count)

Made in the USA. National brand equivalent.



Auto Cleaning

Auto Cleaning WipesAuto Cleaning Wipes

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Four Peaks® Cleaning Wipes for quick and easy cleaning. Able to be used on most any automotive surface, these wipes will keep your car looking like new. Four Peaks® Cleaning Wipes are specifically formulated to clean dust, dirt and grime.

• Safe for Use on Most Automotive Surfaces
• Removes Dust, Dirt & Grime

Great For:
• Vinyl & Fabric
• Dashboards
• Beverage Spills


Auto Protectant

Auto Protectant WipesAuto Protectant Wipes

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Four Peaks® Protectant Wipes For quick protection of your interior cleaning. Wipe hard surface to maintain a clean, shiny appearance. Can be used on most plastic and vinyl surfaces. Four Peaks® Protectant Wipes are specially formulated to protect against UV damage, discoloration and fading.

• Protects Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl
• Guards Against UV Damage
• Cleans, Protects & Shines

Great For:
• Dashboard
• Rubber
• Plastic
• Vinyl


Auto Glass

Auto Glass Wipes
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Four Peaks® Glass Wipes For quick and easy window, glass and mirror cleaning. Wipe glass surfaces to maintain clean and streak-free glass to maximize visibility while driving. They are specifically designed for automotive use and contain an ammonia-free formula, which is safe for factory tinted windows.

• Designed Specifically for Auto Glass
• Streak Free & Ammonia Free Formula
• Safe for Factory Tinted Windows

Great For:
• Removing Road Grime & Film
• Sparkling Windows
• Mirrors & Windshields


Auto Leather

Leather Wipes

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Four Peaks® Leather Wipes More than just the average leather wipe. They quickly and safely clean, condition and protect leather surfaces.

• Removes Dirt & Soil Safely
• Provides UV Protection
• Guards Against Spills, Stains, Cracking, Fading,
  Discoloration & Premature Aging

Great For:
• Removing Road Grime & Film
• Keeping Leather Looking Like New
• Long Lasting Protection


Automotive Wipes 3 Pack

Four Peaks® Automotive Wipes 3 Pack combines our popular Protectant, Cleaning and Glass Wipes all in one value pack!

Automotive Wipes 3 Pack contains:
• 1 Protectant 27ct Soft Pack
• 1 Cleaning 27ct Soft Pack
• 1 Glass 20ct Soft Pack 

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