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Four PeaksĀ® Cleaning & Degreasing Wipes

Cleaning and Degreasing WipesCleaning and Degreasing Wipes

Four Peaks® Cleaning & Degreasing Wipes are the fast, easy, safe and effective way to remove soils from tools and industrial surfaces. The 10" x 12" pre-moistened towels are more cost-efficient than regular shop rags and are more convenient than affixed wall-mounted dispensers. The non-toxic formula is tough on everything from grease to tar to dirt and beyond. Its abrasive scrubbing side is great for tackling stubborn messes.

Made in the USA. 75 count and 35 count canisters available.

• Dual Textured, Heavy Duty Towels with Abrasive Side for Scrubbing
• Non-Toxic
• Extra Large 10" x 12" Towel Size
• Available in Large 75 Count Canisters
Great For:
• Grease
• Carbon
• Most Inks
• Soot
• Oil
• Graphite
• Fats
• Dirt & Grime
• Wet Paint
• Tar
• Food
Use On:
• Skin
• Laminates
• Ceramics
• Carpets
• Plastics
• Metals
• Fiberglass
• Concrete
• Upholstery
• Finished Wood
• Porcelain
• Terrazzo
• Tile

Paint Remover Wipes

Paint Remover WipesPaint Remover Wipes





Four Peaks® Paint Remover Wipes are the fast, easy, safe and effective way to remove paint spots from surfaces. Great for paint splatters, drips and spills, cleaning painting tools and removing paint from hands. The pre-moistened wipes are more cost efficient than shop rags and harsh chemicals.

For latex and water based paints. Acetone-free formula.

Four Peaks® Paint Remover Wipes are lint-free with an abrasive side for tough scrubbing.

Made in the USA.

• Removes Latex and Water Based Paint from Surfaces
• Acetone-Free Formula
• Large Dual Textured Wipes

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